Di Fatkin PictureUnlimited,LLC.

Ask me any question and I will set you Free.

I came to consulting and coaching because it is what I love, where I excel and where I observed a need. Greatness is rarely achieved alone; superstar athletes like Michael Jordan, business legends like Lee Iacocca, and billionaire entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey ALL use coaches. In fact, you?ll find mentoring relationships behind more success stories than not. But sadly, in today's world, the opportunities for finding and cultivating close mentors has plummeted.

2BUnlimited is an umbrella of services that provides the inside information as well as a dynamic vehicle leading individuals or businesses with over 4 decades of Executive Experience.


My goal is to put your mind at ease and empower you to find peace.

One size does not fit everyone. I will tailor the best fit based on your comments. My vision is to serve you, protect you and your money so you will have Peace.

" Life is all about how you choose to respond"
It is all about Love... Love you, your life and your journey...if your life was a book and you only read one page, you did not experience all you could. If you want to see the world and you had a book of your travels, I hope it would be more than one page.

What is most important to you in your life?
*Relationships *Communication * Savings *Security * Convenience * Control * Service * Flexibility